Kathy Saul...A Survivor

After her initial physical therapy, her goal was to regain her strength, coordination and stability and to find a way to regain a part ofher previous active existence.  She chose the Y and water exercise as the tool to help her reach her goal.

Why the Y? “I come to the Y because it is a community place…it’s affordable because it is a community place.  It’s a nice Y.   The people are cool.   The instructors have always been supportive and engaged. Coming to the Y is necessary - I love it, it’s a priority!”

Why the water? Kathy felt that is was an easy fit – the variety of classes, abilities of the people in the classes, and the supportive, engaged instructors made this a natural choice. Kathy said, “Everyone has a story and it’s good to be able to hear the stories and know that you’re not alone in the fight.”

Kathy’s fight and subsequent progress have been remarkable.  Having started coming to water exercise classes 1 day/week for 15 minutes at a time, she is now up to 3- 4 days/week for 45 minutes.  She has seen increased ROM, stability, balance, and strength.  She feels that she has found an outlet  for her pent up energy.  She was very clear to point out that her increased abilities and the release ofendorphins experienced each class have not only increased her physical confidence, but have also contributed to an improved mental outlook –  she is more positive because of theexercise.   “Doesn’t everyonefeel better after they exercise?” she stopped to query. 

To sum it all up, if you were to ask her how she feels today compared to seven years ago, she states emphatically (smiling ear to ear) that she “feels excellent    I’m no longer in a wheelchair.”  What more can one say?

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